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Most pressure washing companies rely on cold water and high pressure machines to clean with; these out dated methods usually lead to extensive damage and poor results.

At Oranjet Wash we specialize in hot water, low pressure residential cleaning.


Our professionally designed low pressure, hot water, high volume equipment insures that your home will not be damaged. The old method of using high pressure can not only damage your siding but also damage window screens, blow seals in thermo-pane windows, and force water behind vinyl, causing mold and mildew problems that you can’t see!


We use only professional grade detergents that are designed to kill and remove years of dirt, mold, mildew and other airborne pollution that can cause expensive premature replacement costs, robbing you of the beauty and value of your largest investment, your home!!!


Try our platinum package to have your home looking like new again.  Package includes House Washing, Roof Cleaning and Drive way Cleaning

Suburban House
Roof Cleaning
  • Home Washing

  • HOA's

  • Condos

  • Townhouses

  • Apartments

Backyard Washing
Deck Cleaning

• Decks

• Balconies

• Sidewalks

• Pool Decks

Concrete Cleaning

• Concrete Cleaning
• Home Siding & Trim
• Deck & Fence Cleaning
• Concrete & Brick Paver
• Gutter Cleaning

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